The Sound of Harris

The environment of the Uists is the perfect place to come and experience nature and adventure. The uists and Barra are flatter than the other Hebridean island further North and as such offer a different variety of landscape and experience. cycling in the Uists and Barra is extremely popular due to the rolling terrain and breathtaking scenery. The best months for cycling are May to October when the days are long and the nights relatively warm which make a camping holiday atttractive also. With a frequent wind from the South to the South West it is easy for the cyclist to plan their journey with the hope of having the wind behind them for the longer parts of the journey.

Like the rest of the hebrides the Uists have a seemingly endless coastline which lends itself to the enjoyment of Sea kayaking which for the beginner can be constrained to a paddle through sea lochs and inlets or for the more experienced a longer sea Journey to locations such as St Kilda or the Monach Isles. Surf kayaking is also an option utilising a kayak that is shorter and more rounded than a traditional sea kayak the opportunity to surf the crashing Atlantic waves from a sitting position is one not to be missed.

Walking in the Uists is a delight and with so many unmarked routes to chooses from the more adventurous are always richly rewarded. With easy Machair walks or more challenging walks up to the top of our highest hills at over 300 meters there is something for all levels of fitness. There are also guided walks with local interpretation which can last up to 3 hours and which will introduce you to the environment through local eyes.