Northton, South Harris

What to see & Do on Lewis

No visit to Lewis the largest and most populous of all the Hebridean islands would be complete without visiting one of the most important archeological locations in the british Isles. The Callanish Standing Stones are one of the most significant and important megalithic complexes in Europe. This most impressive set of stones is called Callanish 1 and the circle can be seen clearly from the main road (A858)It consists of rows of large pieces of Lewisian gneiss arranged in a cross shape. At the centre of the cross is a monolith and a small chambered cairn. Ther is a modern well appointed visitor centre and cafe on site which enables visitors to gain the most from their visit.

While in the area it would be worthwhile to visit Carloway broch which is located above Loch an Duin on a rocky knoll in a good defensive position. A Broch is an Iron Age structure designed to impress and defend, and were probably the homes of tribal leaders and important members of the community. They are built with two concentric walls of stone, with a stairway or gallery within the walls to the upper floors. The Broch at Carloway is one of the best preserved in the Hebrides and dates back over 2000 years. It is approximately 9 metres high and 15 metres in diameter. A Broch is a very resilient structure and was often used for defence.

Stornoway as the administrative centre of the Hebrides is the location for most ammenities including Stornoway Golf course which is the only eighteen hole course in the Western Isles it is also home to the Lewis karting centre where speed freaks of all ages can indulge their passion for chicanes and hairpin bends. For Mountain bike enthusiasts there is the exciting development of the Castle Ground Trails in Stornoway the first pahse of which is due for completion by April 2011 and will be the first purpose built trails in the Western Isles which will enhance the area as a biking destination when added to the many natural trails available in the area.