Hebridean Weather

The Islands have a typical marine climate dominated by ‘North Atlantic Drift’, with only slight temperature changes throughout the year. Despite the northerly latitude, winters are rarely cold on the coast with an average winter high of 7°C (44°F). Conversely, summers are rarely very warm with an average summer high of around 16°C (60°F). There is however, lots of daylight in the summer months with barely two hours of darkness midsummer due to the northerly latitude of the Islands. The sunniest months are April to June and the sunniest day on record in the last 30 years was the 20th June 1977 in Benbecula when 16.9 hours of sunshine were recorded. Climatically, wind and rain are the dominant features of the Western Isles. May is the driest month and December the wettest. Wind specifically however, is the element most associated with the Western Isles weather.

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